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This is some good shit right here.


im a book and a fighter

dont forget to check the secret ending of the beginning :D
Deleted post

Still enjoyed it though :P

Ending 08 


Never have I experienced such wonders as I did when learning to be a tree. I know have knowledge I never knew existed. Thank you all for making this. 


ending 6 & 7


Great little game i loved it, great job!

FREEDOM FOR ALL TREES ! got ending 7, 10 and 12 :D

love the game btw !


Had to STICK with it but enjoyed this, I thought it was TREE-mendous


Ending 4 & 5


Kinda bizarre game imo but it was a fun to play it. Controls were kinda strange so it reminded me as i was playing QWOP again. I like the fact there are multiple endings possible. 

Fun game tho, good job!

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This was such an interesting game! To think that there are so many ways to become a's just amazing! I love the graphics and the music within the game. I even like the little drawings at the end of each ending! Puzzle games are not my type of thing but this one is pretty cool.Since my computer sucks, I am really glad my computer was able to run this game. I had little bits of lag in certain areas but it didn't bother me as much. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! 

really fun game

Hey, you actually released this game! Awesome! :-)


This game does not work
He is bad



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All 17 Ending is Uploaded.....    Yeay....

Ending 3 

hope you enjoy it

Ending 2

first ending for those who prefer watching than playing 

will post 1 a day
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Found all ending in 3 hours, haven't played challenging puzzle game for a long time

I often forget root can collect things!

Tip: if you cannot collect fractal things or access some area yet, try unlock more "power" by unlocking more branches!(There is 5 plus a final one, find them yourselves!)(I think the power key themselves have a hidden message... not sure)


any of you feel this one like a stanley parable?

notes: first ending publish tommorow (19 hours more) :D

Fun concept, hard controls. (I'm on pc)

What a great game! I have genuinely never seen a mechanic like this, and it was actually really fun to play with. Cute story too, never a boring moment!

Wonderful game! I saw your post on TIGSource a while back and am delighted to see it finally released. I loved the exploration, physics, and humor.

You might not want to be distributing all the pixel fonts though, since I don't think they're free... I don't know the license though.

oops, thanks for the heads up; I didn't think about that!  I did buy them, and I'm not sure how else to distribute them, but I've updated the zip files to remove all the ones I was not using and added a text file pointing people to the purchase link ... hopefully that helps ...

(To anyone interested in good pixel fonts, definitely go to !)


thank you for telling me

now im guilty if i use those


This was really fun! Completed the whole thing in one sitting, and I'm currently messing around with the 16th ending's powers :D

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Really good game, unique movement mechanics and really great branching gameplay. Literally.

Got all the endings. Reallty fun and well made. Unique in very many ways. Probably one of the best games iv'e played on You should really be proud of this one :)

Really, really cool game. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Got most of the endings, but still about 4 more to get. :) 

The 'Tree' in this game reminds me of an Annual Erioganum or Wild Buckwheat plant. They grow a rosette of leaves, then quickly grow an umble of tiny flowers which dries up and breaks off after the flowers produce seed. The umble then bounces around in the wind, scattering its seeds.  

The first time I played the game, I did exactly what the 'eye' said and didn't do anything just sat there without touching the controls.  Was interesting wondering what the eye would do next and if the game would start a tutorial or something showing me what I could do.  I guess I 'won' the first play through. 

When I realized that the game wasn't going to tell me what to do in terms of controls, I started playing around with the mouse and keyboard in the second try at the game. I enjoyed the opening level and the next one after it, enormously.  Found myself actually laughing with surprise at what hitting the arrow keys did and especially when I figured out that I could move about more or less on purpose with certain keystroke combinations. 

Made me think of the 'Tree' as more like an undersea creature - one of those things that has properties of both animals and plants.  

I was really enjoying experimenting with the game until I got to the next level with the spinning saws. Seeing the 'Tree' get chopped up and starting the level over again was more frustrating than fun.  I think I'd like it better without the saws and instead with just increasngly tricky terrain to deal with.  Was enjoying how the game seemed to be totally different from most games and wasn't about running away from monsters or killing monsters, was just about experimenting with what you could do.   You could maybe make a second version in which the 'Tree' is never chopped up. 

It's a very clever game that shows how great it is that there are places for indie games to be released.  Something like this would probably not be published by the big companies since it is so very different from what players expect. 

I'm not planning to make any additional versions but if you'd like to explore the levels beyond that, there is an "unlock all levels" option in the options menu.

also thanks for the nice and thoughtful comments :)

You're welcome.  I'll check out the level unlock. 

This game was bizarre, though I have to say the branching story-lines were really cool. I would appreciate a sub!

i am big boy

ending 1 2 3 4 7 recorded collected  - 11 more to go

may i share those 16 recorded walkthrough here?

Cool, & sure! share as you please :)

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i got 15 ending already (maybe the last need all of the shard)
can you link the walkthrough in this homepage :D

thanks for pinned my message in your YT channel

tree/tree will tree again


I've been enjoying this. Still gotta collect a few more sierps, but I've seen 2^4-1 endings so far.

I think did it all now. Thank you for this game!

Fun game, heh, well done)

Looks really neat. Will surely try it. :)

best game i have ever played

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