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how do i play it?

use your arrow button

left and right to move

up and down to expand

checked the playlist if you prefer watching :)


I'm confused i hit the launch button and it try's to open but nothing happens it even say's i've played the game? Any idea's?

i've never had this problom with anyother game, also seen mark play the game and look's real fun

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i looked in to it and it says i don't have api-ms-win-crt-math-l1-1-0.dll What should i do?

sorry, not sure but it may work if you run the msvc redistributable installer:

If it says there's another program runing from the file

any idea how to fix it? :)

Sorry, haven't seen an error like that before.  Restarting the computer might fix it.

Whenever I launch the game it just shows a still image of the game's start. Whenever I move the window it updates that, however, it only updates it one time.  This doesn't allow me to play the game or see what's happening, I can only input stuff. Does anyone know how I could fix this?

very strange... Windows or Mac?

Windows, I've unzipped the file into a different folder after it not working in the .zip file, however it still didn't work

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Make to unzip the whole zip file, and run tree.exe from the same folder as all the dlls!  (It won't work if you try to run tree.exe directly out of the zip file; you need to unzip the whole folder first.)

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right click, click "extract all", extract to a folder, open the folder, run tree

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Deleted 4 years ago

I really enjoyed that the tree developed superpowers that it could keep across all timelines, and that I didn't need to collect every triangle to get the last ending. I think my favorite line was "I'll find a cure for your ability to move."


Saw Markilpier play this and it looked like fun and I wasn't disappointed. This game is a ton of fun! The puzzles and obstacles are really cool and trying to get around them can be a challenge but it feels pretty good! Made a video, hope you enjoy, and look out for more episodes soon!

thid game si xdxdxd

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What should I do if it says that there's two missing dll files?

I'd really like to play this game, so I would appreciate some help if you're not too busy.

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What type off ddl or dll and what name of the missing files

The missing files are VCRUNTIME140.dll and MSVCP140.dll

same issue

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Sorry, try installing the "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015":

Edit: Make sure you run the x86 version, specifically this one:

I tried downloading Visual C++ at the link provided, but it didn't help at all.

I love this game so much not only this gameplay is unic the art style is fantastic if there is ever going to be a steam release with more endings i will definitely buy

Really fun game and cool mechanics



open the tree.exe if youre on windows (after it extracted)


Very Quality Itch Game


NO ANDROID????!!!? worst game ever 


you can't expect a mobile version of every game you come across

oH no i CAn'T Play It on a phoNe EVEn tHOUgh 90 pERCeNT oF stUFf on ItCH IS FOR Pc. wOrST gaME eVER becAUsE Im AN IdiOt WHo dOeSNt UnDErStAND hOW pOrtIng worKs

I'm sorry for being so immature back then. Looking at this now, I don't even remember crating this account.


Absolutely loved this game. The style of humor was absolutely up my alley, and the QWOP controls lead to some funny moments. I ended up 100%'ing everything in a little over an hour and a half. If this were to ever be expanded to a full-priced title - I would pick it up. Worth the download for anyone curious. Thanks


This is such a fun and unique game! I love that there are multiple endings! Great job on making an abstract puzzle game starring a tree hahaha! Such a cool idea!


One of the best games on this site, and one of the strangest and strangely emotional games I've played. I love weird little games like this


i didn't realize before playing this game had different endings! nice touch to the game! i am wondering do you have plans for this game or do you other games your currently working on?

Thanks!  I just started a new job at a games company so I'm full time on that for now :)

Sweet! thats freaking awesome! let know in the future if there is any game of your company i should try! free tester right here!



it'll be so many vid on this pages already so i wont add one but i do add a playlist :D

if you want to find the 17 endings

i hope this playlist get feature in this homepages :)

cool; I added a link to the playlist :)

thank you!!!!

What is the function of the power key 'p'?

It tries to disable vsync and framerate limiting, so the game will run as fast as your computer can run it.  So, if you have a slower computer, it does nothing.  If you have a fast future fancy computer, everything may run comically fast while 'p' is held ...

Thx for the info, really enjoy playing it

it is really useful when you have fast computer because by spamming in the direction you want to go it almost autopilots to where you want


I've always wondered what it would be like to live life as a tree, roaming wild and terrorising the planet... wait, that sentence got a bit strange didn't it?

I honestly don't think I've played anything quite like this before, it's the most weirdly kooky game I've come across in quite some time, and also one of the best! I had lots of genuine laugh out loud moments whilst trundling through this little gem of a game.

The premise is simple enough. To tree or not to tree? If you just wanna tree and not do anything, that's cool! If you wanna break free of your cursed roots and leap off into a giant adventure, that's cool too! There's a multitude of endings (all of which I didn't get around to) and some wonderful rage-inducing moments mixed in for good measure as well.

I really can't recommend this slice of bizarre wonder enough, go and get it played and brighten up your life a little! And Jimmy, keep up the wonderful work! =)

Hi, wow looks neat :)


In this unusual game, we play as a Tree! There is 16 different endings! How many can we find? One of them is a Jet Pack Turbo Tree!

If you enjoy my content, click the link below for more awesome stuff!


next ending: tree in Outer Space and King of Mountain


This is some good shit right here.


im a book and a fighter

dont forget to check the secret ending of the beginning :D
Deleted post

Still enjoyed it though :P

Ending 08 


Never have I experienced such wonders as I did when learning to be a tree. I know have knowledge I never knew existed. Thank you all for making this. 


ending 6 & 7


Great little game i loved it, great job!

FREEDOM FOR ALL TREES ! got ending 7, 10 and 12 :D

love the game btw !


Had to STICK with it but enjoyed this, I thought it was TREE-mendous


Ending 4 & 5


Kinda bizarre game imo but it was a fun to play it. Controls were kinda strange so it reminded me as i was playing QWOP again. I like the fact there are multiple endings possible. 

Fun game tho, good job!

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This was such an interesting game! To think that there are so many ways to become a's just amazing! I love the graphics and the music within the game. I even like the little drawings at the end of each ending! Puzzle games are not my type of thing but this one is pretty cool.Since my computer sucks, I am really glad my computer was able to run this game. I had little bits of lag in certain areas but it didn't bother me as much. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! 

really fun game

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